Save Your Car! Timing Belt Replacements and You!

It’s never too late to replace your timing belt. This Honda has over 335k miles on it!

OK, the title may be a tad bit melodramatic, but replacing your timing belt on time (pun intended) could be the difference between life and death… for your car. And here’s why!

In your engine, the timing belt (and/or chain) runs on pulleys connected to the camshafts and crankshaft of your motor, tying them all together. It keeps everything synchronized and turning in the correct time by controlling the opening and closing of valves in your motor. If the position of the timing belt is off by even one tooth, your car’s performance can be seriously affected causing a drop in power or a rough running engine.

Timing Belt. Fail.

A timing belt breaking on you can be much worse. In many engines (called interference motors) if the timing belt fails, the valves and pistons can collide causing serious damage to the valves. Repairing this can be extremely costly, so it is important to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines on replacing your timing belt. Not sure about yours? Don’t have your Owner’s Manual? Check this out: Gates has this handy guide with the recommended mileage to replace the timing belt (or as the guide calls it, a cam belt). This guide also shows you if your car has an interference motor. Note: if your car doesn’t appear on this list, it probably has a timing chain which requires replacement less often.

We replace the water pump, crank and cam seals, tensioners and pulleys, along with the timing belt.

Is your car in need of a timing belt replacement?

If it is, of course we can help you with that. We love doing timing belt jobs. And we do them thoroughly. We also replace all of the other components underneath the timing cover that may need replacement in the future (water pump, cam and crank seals, tensioners, balance shaft belts, etc.). That way, we do the job once and don’t have to go back in until the next scheduled replacement. Wherever you end up getting the service done, make sure that these parts are replaced as well. A lot of the cost of doing a timing belt job comes from labor costs, so you might as well replace everything you can behind the timing cover while you are already there.

The cost of replacing your timing belt can vary depending on the type of vehicle and motor. We are extremely competitive with our pricing here at Good Carma Auto. Generally, these types of jobs (including all components) on a typical domestic or Japanese car can average between $800 – $1200; again, depending on the vehicle. We usually can get the same job done for around $400 – $600. Give us a call and we can look it all up for you and provide you with a detailed quote.

As with all aspects of maintaining your vehicle, make sure you keep an eye on your mileage and follow the recommended maintenance guidelines. If you are unsure, call us or stop by. We can look it up for you. This will keep your car functioning efficiently and prolong the life of your vehicle. You and your car will be much happier. That’s kind of what we’re all about.

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