Free Holiday Road Trip Check

Dr. Natchet listens to the heartbeat of this sweet Civic. Free Road Trip checks at Good Carma Automotive.

The Holidays are here! That means family, friends, traveling, and car trips. We talked about winterizing your car in an earlier post, but it is also a great idea to have your car looked over by a professional before embarking on the roads this holiday season. Being stuck on the side of the road is never fun, especially on the holidays. So let’s prevent it as best as possible with a holiday gift from us.

Good Carma Automotive offers this road-trip check for FREE! Many shops around town will charge up to $100 for this service, but just bring in your sweet ride and we will give it a thorough look-over for a grand total of $0. FREE. GRATIS. NO MOOLAH NECESSARY. No need to mention this ad or bring in a coupon or any other such shenanigannery. Just bring yourself and your car. We can usually do the check-up within an hour and if any maintenance is needed, we can do it fast and within your budget. We don’t charge Diagnostic Fees or anything like that.

So before you get out on the highways this season, stop by and have us look your vehicle over. It’s good peace of mind to have out there on the roads. That’s one less thing to worry about this holiday season. Give us a call at 512-928-0605 and Happy Holidays from Good Carma Automotive!