Carma University


Welcome to Carma University

Knowledge is Power!
– Learn basic roadside skills.
– Learn basic maintenance and car awareness.
– Learn about common misconceptions and auto repair scams.
– Learn how to keep your car happy and extend its life.

We offer classes that will teach you basic things about how your vehicle works including how to check fluids, general maintenance, trouble signs, roadside and emergency how-to’s and more. We teach you easy to learn operations such as changing a tire, checking your oil and other fluids, and using jumper cables to start a lifeless vehicle as well as other valuable topics. The classes usually only last about an hour, but teach some valuable skills that can help extend the life of your car. Feel free to bring any questions you may have and come check out the shop.

No classes are scheduled at this time but check back often and be sure to FOLLOW US on FACEBOOK to stay up to date for class schedules and all things Carma!